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I have a passion for working with kids and desire to see them succeed in both their big and small endeavors. An early experience teaching Sunday school to preschoolers led to a BA degree in elementary education. I taught in public schools for 7 years and have been homeschooling my own kids for 10 years. If your child needs a little extra help with their school work or wants to earn college credit, I am here to help. I also want to share my homeschooling journey with you to give you encouragement along the way. Since God has made us a people of community, I hope you will join me in my homeschooling community.

Teacher Helping Student


I provide services assisting students with their class load and helping those that need to get back on track.

In the Classroom


Current class offerings:

-In-person World Religions

  DSST class.

-In-person Environmental Science DSST class 

-Credits Before College


-Earn both high school and

  college credit

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